Champion Pizza Features 7 Locations In New York City

Champion Pizza has a motto: ‘Made In New York with Love.’ Knowing that NYC is the best place to order up pizza, you might think that any restaurant will do. If you are going to experience NY style pizza, you want the best. You want fresh ingredients, pizza by the slice, a convenient location, friendly service and overall, the best pizza you have tasted in your life.

Champion Pizza features seven convenient locations throughout New York City. Whether you are in SoHo, over on 5th Avenue, on the lower east side or somewhere else in New York City, chances are, there is a Champion Pizza near you – check out their Facebook page to find out. There is a location in Queens, on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn, and well, the list continues. Find out quickly which Champion Pizza is holding your slice, and expect fast service upon your arrival, too.

Prices are also said to be very reasonable for purchasing pizza by the slice. You can be price gouged when you visit some places, and you might not even get to enjoy some of the best pizza New York City has to offer. With Champion Pizza, you not only get the best pizza, but you can count on the best prices.

Who wants to research pizza places in New York City and then find out that the place they want to visit is a $150 can ride away? That’s not going to happen with Champion Pizza because it’s 7 locations are spread out and easy to find. All you have to do is hail a cab and tell them Champion Pizza. They will take you there, and many New Yorkers might even recommend the place to you.

Have you heard of Grandma’s Pizzas? It is a type of square, thin crust pizza that is delicious and quite popular. That is what is served up at Champion Pizza. Champion Pizza gets daily deliveries of fresh toppings and other ingredients, so they place a priority on freshness.

It is convenient to order by the slice, a favorite option of New Yorkers. That way everyone in your party gets the type of pizza they want. Plus, each individual can try out different types of pizza. When in New York and searching for the best restaurant to order pizza by the slice, Champion Pizza is the way to go. You know you are going to sink your teeth into a slice of pizza that makes you smile.